Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lemon Cream Cheese Cupcakes

I tried another cupcake recipe on a Saturday, as I wasn't entirely satisfied with the previous cupcake that I tried – it turned dry and dense within a day. I needed something that could keep soft and fluffy for at least a day when I bring the cakes to Malaysia.

This recipe is from Betty Saw's book and is posted on the net by various bloggers. I'm glad that the texture remained soft and fluffy even after a day! Also, I think the taste is good – full of lemony and creamy goodness. However, the sides and bottoms browned too fast – looks burnt, but doesn't taste burnt (phew!). Think that's because my mini muffin tin was the non-stick, black version. Think I will bake at a reduced temperature of 160 deg C to overcome this. Also, will fill the muffin tins abt ½ to 2/3, so that the cupcakes will not raise over the paper cases and become too brown….

On another occasion, I varied with orange, but I think lemon is the best!

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