Sunday, January 6, 2008

Apple Pie

Hubby has been requesting for an apple pie for a while. However, I have put his request aside as I'm bad at making pastry. Somehow, dough and me don't mix well together :(

My fears were put aside when I came across Delia's recipe for gooseberry pie. The crust sounded pretty easy to do - so I thought I could make use of the crust and turn it into an apple pie instead. It seemed like a workable idea as Delia had substituted rhubarbs for gooseberries.

Hence with all my gungho, I set out making the apple pie this evening. I was a little disorganised initially, but the dough was not too difficult to handle - thankfully! Within an hour, the kitchen was filled with homely smells of cinnamon and sugar.

The pie turned out quite nicely. Hubby loved it so much that he polished 2 slices in one go. I gave mum and dad a slice too. Mum said that it was delicious.

Maybe I could try with gooseberries the next time - perhaps YY could bring some gooseberries back when he returns home during summer :D

Here are some pics for you to enjoy. Sorry, we forgot to take pics before cutting the pie - we were too excited....

Calla's notes on the apple pie:
  • I used granny smith apples.
  • I replaced lard with an equivalent amount of butter. Crust was still crunchy, in my opinion.
  • I replaced caster sugar with brown sugar for sprinkling onto each layer of apples. I also sprinkled cinnamon onto each layer of fruit.
  • I baked at a centre shelf, with no adverse effects. I simply baked till the crust turns golden brown.

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